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I'm a tea drinker. Tea comes from plants, specifically Camellia sinensis, which is native to Asia but now is cultivated in tropical places around the world so all of humankind can have it's plant-y caffeine goodness but not have to drink coffee, which tastes like burned dirt. And that's the horticultural part of this post. What I really need to talk about is anxiety. 

COVID anxiety is a new level of anxiety on top of my regular anxiety. My regular strategy of carrying around yellow legal pad to-do lists to keep on top of life's tasks is not cutting it. I feel like my brain is swimming in open ocean with dangerous distractions like Titanic-sized icebergs, sharks with frickin' laser beams on their heads, and that giant vortex of human-dumped trash in the Pacific.

So, the docs suggest medication (of course), cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise, and meditation/mindfulness. Each one of these could be a large discussion, but lately I've been thinking about meditation, because it seems the very hardest for my overactive mind and general lifestyle. I've read books about it, practiced deep breathing, sat in a quiet place, tried yoga, etc. It's hard. Apparently it takes loads of practice to get anything out of it, and I'm still practicing.

But first of all, what mother of young children can find a hot minute of the waking hours of the day to sit in a quiet place? This is apparently something one has to carve time out for with intention, and possibly threats of physical harm to interrupters or maybe just hiding from one's family, which how can one then meditate while being paralyzed by guilt? I don't know. Also, did I move the laundry ahead? Wait, what time is my daughter's next Zoom? Where is my to-do list? WTF is actually going on right now? 

"BURRITO". Burrito is my 'upset' word for when I need to stop, identify my feelings, and take deep breaths to calm down. I learned this on a 2nd Grade zoom. It's gold. Go find your word. 

But now, enter Mediteation (Medi-TEA-tion). I think I shall trademark this and make millions. So don't do that before I have a chance to find my to-do list and write it down and then possibly do it maybe at some point in the extremely distant future, ok, cool, thanks. The challenge: Can I sit still through an entire cup of hot tea and only sit and enjoy being me and enjoy the tea and not think about all the things but just breathe in and out and ignore the worries and enjoy the hot and the tea and the warm mug and the just breathing in and out and the being alive? I'm gonna try it. Let me know if you do. 



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Broccoli Land Speed Record

I'm behind in posting my seed starting progress.  On Wed, March 16th, about 8 weeks till last predicted frost, I started my pepper seeds.  I planted two cells of Jalapeno, two of green bell peppers and 5 of the colorful Carnival Mix bells.  I always plant 2-3 seeds per cell and then thin to the strongest survivor.  So they are all up and happy now: I was planning to start my tomato and broccoli seeds a week ago on Tues, March 29th (6 weeks till last frost) but didn't get around to it until Friday, April 1st.  Close enough.  Mother Nature's behind this spring too if you ask me.  It snowed last week, for pete's sake! Last night, I went down to water and check on things, and the Romanesco Broccoli seeds are already up!  That's got to be a broccoli land speed record, right?  Three days?  The package says they emerge in 10-21 days so I am feeling pretty dang good about my wicked horticultural skillz.  Here's a pic of my eager little broccoli seedlings:

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I haven't left my corner of the world past the mailbox in a week. I haven't blogged in, I don't know, years? Coronavirus is here. Our spring break turned into 'social distancing' instead of visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  Regardless of human anxiety and fear, spring has the guts to show up. Snow piles are almost melted, birds are chatty in the cottonwood tree and the rhubarb is peeking out of the ground near the chicken coop. Seeds have the audacity to grow. Do I?

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One evening this week, Monday, June 20th to be exact, my Hubby and I planted our new blueberry hedge around the two outside edges of the potager.  I ended up deciding on 'Northblue' plants since they looked nice at the nursery and Auntie Linda, who grows just a tiny ACRE of these blue beauties, gave her seal of approval to the performance of this northern-hardy variety.  Apparently they've only failed to produce once in twenty years for her, that's a pretty solid record in my book.  I don't really have it in the 'budget' to buy eleven #1 gallon blueberry plants, so Hubby and I declared them his Father's Day gift, pretty much making them a necessity.  That's how we roll. I wanted to act like a sober gardener and plant in straight rows for once, so I actually measured and marked the rows w/ paint before digging.  They are planted on center 4' away from the outside veggie boxes.  'Northblue' is supposed to get about 3' wide so theoreti