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Night gardening deserves a quiet night

One evening this week, Monday, June 20th to be exact, my Hubby and I planted our new blueberry hedge around the two outside edges of the potager.  I ended up deciding on 'Northblue' plants since they looked nice at the nursery and Auntie Linda, who grows just a tiny ACRE of these blue beauties, gave her seal of approval to the performance of this northern-hardy variety.  Apparently they've only failed to produce once in twenty years for her, that's a pretty solid record in my book.  I don't really have it in the 'budget' to buy eleven #1 gallon blueberry plants, so Hubby and I declared them his Father's Day gift, pretty much making them a necessity.  That's how we roll. I wanted to act like a sober gardener and plant in straight rows for once, so I actually measured and marked the rows w/ paint before digging.  They are planted on center 4' away from the outside veggie boxes.  'Northblue' is supposed to get about 3' wide so theoreti

Strawberry Season

Over the weekend we discovered the strawberries are ripening.  The Girl was confused at first about what the heck Mom was looking for under the leaves until I handed her one and she tasted her first ripe strawberry, warm from the garden.  The taste of homegrown just blows the grocery store ones away, no comparison.  Then she was enthusiastically on the hunt also.  She is sort of learning to pick only the red ones, and Mom is learning to watch her close and inspect berries for bugs and creepy crawlies before she shoves them in her mouth.  In other news, the sweet corn is up a couple of inches, as are the Zucchini and Winter Squashes.  Pumpkins mostly survived the transplant and I have watered almost every day since they've been out.  Last week we had two days of 90-100 degree temps and I thought for sure they were all going to get cooked.  The only variety that did pretty much all croak was 'Superfreak Goosebumps Hybrid'.  I had a few more seeds left so I soaked them for a

Hug a Tree

Sad news for a tree hugger like me: we had to have a huge maple taken down in our backyard.  The ginormous silver maple sitting smack dab in the middle of the backyard was slated for trimming by the power company, on account of our old-man-next-door-neighbor down the line complaining to them that his power was flickering (picky, picky!).   Big 'Ol Mr. Silver Maple is in the background of this old shot of my perennial bed  A couple of weeks ago, a very nice tree trimming guy subcontracted by our power company comes to my door and tells me they need to trim the big maple but that it's seen better days, is showing signs of internal decay, and that if I want to the power company will go ahead and have them remove it (at no cost to us) because it's a 'hazard tree' to their lines.  I asked around and it sounds like a tree that big would probably cost us at least $1,000 to have cut down otherwise, and no doubt it's gotta go eventually, so better on their dime t

Yum yum yum yum CORN

Hubby tilled the big 'Back 40' garden this morning with a borrowed tiller (thanks, Putz) after blowing our tiller up last night.  Oy vey.  Something is always breaking around here.  Planted Peaches & Cream sweet corn today (10 rows, each about 10 feet long, I suppose).  I had more corn seed than I thought and just kept hoeing more rows to use it up.  I love having sweet corn in the freezer for the long winter.  Since I got a little crazy w/ corn, I used up a lot of space which I had intended for pumpkin patch.  But still ended up w/ 12 hills of pumpkins of various varieties that I had started inside.  Those poor transplants were spindly and some were already flowering in their flats (can you say 'stressed'?) so I hope they make it.  I cut the flowers off when planting so they'll put their energy into new leaves and roots, gave them good waterings, and intend to water faithfully daily until they get established.  We'll see how that goes.  The Girl and I e

On the road again...

Is it weird I have that Willie Nelson song in my head?  It feels good to be gardening again.  Lots of planting progress has been made.  Last week on the 23rd of May, I popped in some nasturtium seeds (Fordhook Favorites Mix) to crawl up my metal trellis that's stuck in the center of one of the garden boxes.  I soaked the seeds in water overnight first, like Mom always does w/ her seeds.  The package said to nick the seeds w/ a file to scarify them but really, who's got that kind of time?  I guess I could have rubbed them between sandpaper, but didn't think of it at the time.  Hopefully the water soak loosened their seed coats up enough.  Nasturtiums are attractive to hummingbirds and are edible flowers so I should be eating some fancy salads this summer.  La tee da!  On Monday when we got back from Memorial weekend camping, I transplanted my onion sets and broccoli out of their flats finally.  They are looking happier and so am I.  Then this afternoon, the Girl and I