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Fairy Gardening

You learn something every day.  Today I learned that fairies like shiny things.  Well, me too, what a coincidence. This morning the girl and I were up early and I was itchy to do something since the weather was so nice.  We headed out on a spontaneous field trip to our favorite local garden haunts, first Earthworks, and then Garden Divas, both over in River Falls.  Earthworks is a design and install landscape company, and they also operate a peaceful little garden center close to the Kinnickinnic river.  They have cool funky evergreens that I like to visit and pine for, get it, 'pine'?  Seriously awesome, would that I had more $ in my garden budget, then that Taylor's Sunburst Pine will be mine!  Really we went to visit the new chickens they've installed in a cute red coop out behind the greenhouses, and had mentioned in their e-newsletter.  But said chickens were apparently not awake yet, so off we went to our next stop. At Garden Divas, I unexpectedly tripped and