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Winter Projects, Part 1

Winter is boring.  And although this winter barely deserves the name 'winter', having had hardly any snow, it still most definitely qualifies as boring.  Since I don't have much gardening stuff to talk about right now, I decided to record for posterity a few around-the-house projects the Girl and I have been working on.  Most are even remotely nature connected.  Sort of.  If you have a kid, collected random objects from nature, and glitter glue, you've got potential for decent kid-friendly project to kill a boring winter morning's time.  Careful now, this one's complicated: 1. Take kid outside w/ ice cream bucket to gather up pine cones that fall by the bushel out of old-man-neighbor's hideously pruned pine trees along the property line.  Kid will find tons, since there's no snow covering them up (you suck, 'winter'). 2. Help kid roll pine cones in glitter glue (we prefer silver) on a paper plate. Let them dry. 3. Put in clear glass