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A Horticulture friend recently invited me to join her in a live online chat about gardening with kids on The  Here's a summary of the half hour session where we joined other seasoned gardeners and newbies in a discussion about gardening w/ young'uns:

Ah spring, I love you...and hate you.

Spring has sprung in the landscaping world, so in most every spare evening and weekend moment I am running around helping other folks make their yards and gardens more beautiful while mine stagnates.  Oh well, I have to pay the bills somehow.  It is ironic that most of us in Horticulture never truly get to enjoy spring ourselves.  Good thing I get to be a Mom during the day and that the veggie beds are right out the back door, or I'd never get anything planted at my own place.  As it is, the Girl and I put seeds in whenever we get a minute while playing or walking the dog out back.  About a week ago we planted another row of each lettuce and spinach for a second crop.  The first lettuce and spinach are about 1" high and looking pretty nice.  We also planted a row of 'Bright Lights' swiss chard last weekend, which I have never grown, and have no idea what to do with, really, but have heard it's worth growing just for the colorful stalks if nothing else.  I thought