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A New Beginning

I have not blogged for almost a year. My life and my mind have been in a state of general disarray for the last year and a half, now that I think about it. It has been a time of change and upheaval, but now the downtime of winter has brought me some time for reflection on the craziness. In August of 2014 my husband and I moved our family away from my beloved Wisconsin. We are now what I like to call 'homesteading' (because I feel it makes my crazy-chicken-lady status acceptable) near Hastings, Minnesota on my husband's family farm where he grew up, and his father before him grew up, and his father before him, and maybe one more father before him too; yep, if I remember correctly what I have been told, the family farm has been here that long. And now here we are, raising our kids in the same place. Sentimentality is in my nature, so I can dig it, even with the stress of moving. Creaky/beautiful old farmhouse and all. In January 2015, I officially started my landscape