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Proud Mama Ramblings

I am a proud garden mama.  My girl and I went out to pick some parsley for a new chicken hotdish recipe I was trying tonight.  She kept saying "pickin' parsley, pickin' parsley" while we were out there, totally excited.  Then we got back in the house and Daddy says to her "What have you got there?", and she says "CILANTRO!".  I know, it's not what we were picking, but hey, I never even mentioned cilantro today and that's the word she remembered from who knows when the last time we picked herbs was, she's got so many new words!  Plus, they kind of look the same, I can't blame her.  Sweet corn: A few weeks ago, we ate 6 smallish ears.  They were pretty dang tasty.  The rest are so tiny I'm not bothering to pick.  The cornstalks are destined for my new compost bins that my handyman is supposed to be building ASAP.  Hello?  Handyman?  Where are you?  Dang it, if I just had a post-pounder-inner I could do it myself...if I was ambit