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Originally published on 3/8/14: Since I have to eat a low sodium diet for health reasons, I now cook with a lot more herbs for flavor. Turns out that limitation has turned me into a much better cook in general, and I make and enjoy healthier scratch meals since most everything processed is too high in sodium.  I'm excited to try more new recipes this year with fresh garden stuff. Today we planted: Rosemary - 9 + 4 (meaning 9 plants for us and 4 to give away as Pampered Chef door prizes since the Pampered Chef is selling gardening tools now). Thyme 6 + 4 Lavender 9 + 0 (all for me!) Chives 0 (we have this perennial in our garden already) + 4 Cilantro 6 + 4 Parsley 6 + 4 Basil 6 + 4 Basil Crimson King 6 (all for me) Basil Mrs. Burns' Lemon 6 (all for me) Girl #1 is holding her 'Garden Journal'. What a gal.

A Spring Birthday for a Sweet Baby Girl

I love that Girl #2 has a Spring birthday.  I was excited to decorate and celebrate the snow being gone, but alas, it's still here, just like it was a year ago when she was born.  A lot of snow did melt over the weekend though, and we had gorgeous weather for the party on Sunday with temps in the 50's.  But now today a little more snow is coming down, WTH?  Is this an April fools' joke or what? Anywho, for the party decorations, instead of buying a bunch of paper junk from China that would probably go in the trash after the party, I thought it would be nice to make some springy decorations that we could keep and enjoy reusing after the party too.   Spring Centerpiece  Bunting close-up.  I love this fabric and had enough to cut out a dress for baby girl out of it too.  I thought once in a wild moment I might get it sown in time for her party, but that was crazy talk.  Maybe by Easter.  Pinterest-inspired bunting.  This will hang in Baby

Coffee Table Makeover

I got this very rustic bench for cheap at an auction, thinking it would be OK to park by the door for sitting down to put on shoes.  Turns out it was way too huge for that spot, but kind of a perfect size for a coffee table.  It is however too splintery for a coffee table with little people around the house, and doesn't really go with our home since we don't live in a rustic cabin (dang) or a barn (whew), so for months it's been sitting in my living room with a blanket thrown over it.  Rather pathetic.  Here's the makeover, done entirely during Baby's morning nap while Big Sister was at preschool for a couple of hours. I thought it best to do this project sans kids since there are scissors, staple guns, and perhaps a bit of cussing involved.  But it is nice to have a table now with soft corners for baby to walk around while she's learning to walk and big sister to sit on when she plays 'dog show'.  Anywho, for this project I was on the clock, thus no ti