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Shoveling Sh*t in the rain

Yesterday I spent much of my supposed last day on earth (some crazies have predicted this based on some ancient calendar somewhere) shoveling cow poop in the rain, slogging around in the mud from trailer to garden with a one-handled (ask Hubby about that) wheelbarrow.  Thank goodness the predicted apocalypse did not yet arrive, as I'm not sure God would have let me in yesterday, at least without a shower to wash all the manure off.  But all in all, it was a spectacular day!  We have the boxes all filled and ready to plant!:  Soggy, but triumphant. The Girl helped us for a while today before the rain really got going, then we finished up while she napped. Notice how sunny it is in this picture?  The rain quit and the sun came out just as we finished the dirty work, of course.   We also got the Girl's sandbox installed and filled, and a little stone path laid to it from the patio.  Today I used my sad little broken wheelbarrow again to move some wood chi

The best laid plans...

Well, spring has sprung I guess, but after all the complaining that Mother Nature was late, I still wasn't ready for her.  The landscaping season has kicked in and that nasty stuff called 'work' is interfering with my own gardening hobbies, so it's been a while since I've posted.  Here's what's new:  1. The tarp experiment to kill the grass failed rather spectacularly, but at least I tried.  The blue tarps still let too much light through and black plastic would have been infinitely better, had I had some.  Instead the tarps made a lovely little greenhouse effect and when I pulled them up found happy, fluffy grass grown higher than the rest of the yard, except for the spots where the rocks were holding the tarps down, those were squeeshed good.  Anywho, gave up and did spray roundup one evening this week between rain showers (rain-fast in 30 minutes? let's hope so!).  The dandelions do seem to be curling up and suffering which brings me at least a lit