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Advent Calendar project

I have been saving Christmas cards for umpteen years, being the sentimental nerd I am. I finally thought of something to do with some of the pretty cards (thanks, Pinterest). I used a clear glass to trace circles on the cards over the images I liked and cut them out. Then I numbered them (rubber stamps and embossing powder) and wrote a Christmas season activity on the back for each day - decorate the tree, make Christmas cookies, watch a Christmas movie, etc. Hung on twine with cute little mini clothespins, the paper 'ornaments' made a super cute advent garland. I had this cool tree though in need of bling, so we decorated it with the garland and hung the whole shebang near our dining table. We're ready for the Christmas countdown!

Herb Garden

These little pots of parsley, basil and cilantro make me so happy in my kitchen windowsill.  You don't scare me, winter. Yet.

First snow today

The first snow fell overnight. It was about an inch, and has already mostly melted, but with the days getting so short and daylight savings time making me feel like bedtime should be 6:00, the winter blues have arrived for me in full force. I just chopped my last green pepper from the garden for tonight's supper, and I'm really going to miss our fresh veggies. Girl #1 and I are going to attempt a windowsill herb garden for snipping so we can still pretend it's the growing season. We planted basil, cilantro and parsley, and I just hope there's enough sunlight to grow in my kitchen window so they'll be handy to use. Maybe the fluorescent light over the sink will help a teeny bit since it's left on all night, dim as it is.  Crossing my fingers! I found the little terra cotta pots for a quarter a piece I think at a flea market, and the tray under them at goodwill for $1.49. I still had some leftover seed and potting soil, so we've got nothing to lose.