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What's that bright circle lighting up the sky?

Finally things are growing!  The girls and I came back from a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house and it seems like stuff really took off while we were gone. Tomato plants are small but blooming.  Strawberries are blooming like crazy.  We have picked a few radishes.  Girl #1 is planting a second crop of cilantro in these photos as the first is going to seed already.  Second crop of lettuce and basil is emerging.  We replanted more green beans yesterday since only a few emerged from first planting.  I love that the garden is so close to the house so we can pop out there and fart around while baby is napping.  Life is sweet.

Try, try again.

Today Girl #1 and I replanted butternut squash and cucumber seeds that are MIA.  They were first planted a couple of weeks ago on one of the rare, hopeful, sunny days.  No doubt they just rotted in the cold rainy weather we've had lately so we'll try again.  But the zucchini, a few green beans, morning glories by the arbors and the radishes and carrots, lettuce, spinach, and sugar snap peas are up that we also planted that day.  Next on the agenda today we put in more lettuce seed for a second crop and some basil.  Then one hill of 'Jack Be Little' mini pumpkins in a corner of the garden box near the sandbox, and one hill of 'Big Max' pumpkins in a bare mulched area just outside the arbor entrance to our potager. (Using the word potager is fun since it makes my garden sound fancier than it really is.) We scratched some 'Giant Gray Stripe' sunflower seeds in a row in front of the propane tank to hide its ugliness. The tank does have a lattice screen,