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Children's Exploration Garden?

I have an important list on my desk. I like to brainstorm in list form because it is so satisfying to empty my head onto a piece of paper. Sometimes I write lists in a notebook kept by my bed, if I remember it's there. I can't justify calling it a journal like fancy writers do. It's a red spiral notebook, wide ruled. I also have another notebook for random thoughts on my desk, and a small one in my purse. But I'm more of a spur of the moment gal so any piece of scratch paper will do for an important list, really. Then my lists mingle a while on my desk with bills, landscaping estimates, calendars, dance class schedules, Menards receipts, photos I need a bulletin board for, checkbooks, and teacups (real and toy ones) and may not resurface until a rainy day like this when I am trying to organize my office and brain and life. You'd think I would have a special safe place to keep these important ideas. At least an official inbox or something. Maybe I should head to Mena