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Starting seeds

I meant to start my first seeds on March 1st, buuuuut 3 days late is about par for the course around here. Plus, the snow today is encouraging defiance in me. My eager 6 year old helper and I just planted seeds for: Kale Scarlet Kale Dinosaur Cabbage Greyhound Cabbage Brunswick Onion Southport White Globe Onion Crimson Forest Bunching Broccoli Romanesco Rosemary Lavender Most of these are cool crops that will be transplanted outside in mid April, as they are happy in cooler spring temps. The rosemary and lavender take a while to germinate and get growing if I remember correctly, so I thought I'd try starting them early. Last year my lavender started under the lights didn't grow at all inside. But after I had transplanted everything else outside to the garden, it finally sprouted from it's abandoned flat that just hadn't made it to the compost bin yet. I think it was kept too wet inside. Or was not warm enough. Or just didn't like being looked at or somethin