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I'm one of those people that needs to have something to look forward to.  In a weird way, I might even enjoy anticipation of things more than the actual events.  So, I love reading seed catalogs, planning the veggie garden, and picking out and ordering seeds. These are pretty much the only things Jan, Feb and March are good for anyways, coincidentally.  So here's the grand "plan", in not too logical an order (Please note that when standing at the seed display, it's just too dang hard to adhere to my 'simplify' policy of previous blog.  I picked out too much stuff, and perhaps will still edit this list for what I actually try to grow. Perhaps.): Pepper, Jalapeno (for Hubby) Pepper, Carnival Mix (5 different colored bell pepper varieties: Big Red, Chardonnay, Purple Beauty, Orange Sun and Diamond) Pepper, California Wonder Tomato, Super Sweet 100 Hybrid Tomato, Roma (salsa is a vague goal, if time allows) Tomato, Brandywine (the best tasting Heirloom,