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Let me introduce myself.

Here I am last spring with my daughter, now almost 15 months old.  She kept me so busy adjusting to mommy-hood last summer that my yard and veggie garden were both a terrific shambles. But let's go back just a bit further: I was fortunate enough in early 2010 to be offered a super flexible part-time gig in landscape design.  I work mostly from home, enabling me to be a stay-at-home SUPER MOM and still save my sanity by getting out of the house now and then to meet with clients when my husband is home for our girl.  I'm pretty much on the phone or computer or drawing designs every second she naps, but what else can I do?  I couldn't bear to miss my little girl growing up, and yet I didn't want to give up my career completely either.  So, life is crazy, but we deal.  Housework gets neglected until company is expected, laundry piles up until we run out of clean underwear, the lawn grows lush and high until the neighbors start giving us dirty looks (hey, we're saving


Well, in lieu of a traditional handwritten garden journal, I thought it might be fun to blog about my garden and landscape experiments instead.  I've always liked the idea of keeping a record about my gardening successes and failures, but remembering to write regularly is the struggle.  In spring, I would enthusiastically list in my notebook the various seed varieties I planted in the veggie garden and the date they were started.  Sometimes I wrote the names of new perennials or shrubs I had heard about and was dying to try.  Then the notebook would get lost, gathering dust on a shelf somewhere until about October.  Usually at that point I could only write a vague summary of the growing season, typically something along the lines of: "Weeds again won battle for veggie plot. Forced to retreat to patio with low gardening self-esteem and cold beer."  Which isn't all bad.  The cold beer part, I mean.  The veggie garden part, not so good.  Maybe this blog/journal will be e