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I admit it.  I've been avoiding blogging because I hate to admit failure.  But in the interest of full disclosure and learning from my gardening mistakes and blah, blah, blah, now I'm owning up to some not so successful experiments this year:  1. I suck at growing sweet corn. 2. I suck at growing pumpkins. 3. I suck at growing strawberries. 4. I am a mediocre grower of squash. If you read my early season blogs, you may have noticed that these are all the crops in my Back 40 garden.  You know, the one that if I kinda squint at it, I just see green stuff and pretend it's not weeds needing pulling.  Once again, that garden proved too easy to ignore this year.  We did finally procure some straw two weeks ago and I gave my zucchini, acorn, and butternut squash hills a decent weeding and a generous layer of straw mulch.  They are already rewarding me w/ flowers and the promise that I might actually still get to eat zucchini bread this summer. Sweet corn is tasseling but t