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On the road again...

Is it weird I have that Willie Nelson song in my head?  It feels good to be gardening again. 

Lots of planting progress has been made.  Last week on the 23rd of May, I popped in some nasturtium seeds (Fordhook Favorites Mix) to crawl up my metal trellis that's stuck in the center of one of the garden boxes.  I soaked the seeds in water overnight first, like Mom always does w/ her seeds.  The package said to nick the seeds w/ a file to scarify them but really, who's got that kind of time?  I guess I could have rubbed them between sandpaper, but didn't think of it at the time.  Hopefully the water soak loosened their seed coats up enough.  Nasturtiums are attractive to hummingbirds and are edible flowers so I should be eating some fancy salads this summer.  La tee da! 

On Monday when we got back from Memorial weekend camping, I transplanted my onion sets and broccoli out of their flats finally.  They are looking happier and so am I. 

Then this afternoon, the Girl and I had a planting extravaganza:  We transplanted the tomato plants (12 total) and pepper plants (9 total) that had still been hiding out in the basement under grow lights.  Looking at the 10 day forecast showing 80's finally and even 90's predicted for this Friday, it seems the heat is finally here and they should thrive.  We also planted seed for Cucumbers, Lettuce, Carrots and Radishes (yes, I know I said I wasn't growing carrots, leave it to me to change my mind), Beans, Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Chives and Oregano.  (I'm pretty darn lazy, so rather than me typing them all again, you can see variety names in the Feb blog titled 'Anticipation').  The Girl's new word of the day was 'seed' and every time I opened a seed packet she came marching over saying 'help, help'.  She actually did pretty well at dropping the seeds where I showed her to.  She also ate at least one mouthful of dirt, but my sister says that makes kids grow and I'm going to take her word for it. 

Here's the planting layout:

The Map

The circles are tomato cages that I laid out corner to corner and they look kind of cool lined up.  I was going to buy some low wire garden fence and put it corner to corner in the lower middle bed to grow my snap peas on and continue the giant 'X' pattern in the four boxes, but I think I've missed the boat on planting that cool crop this year.  I have planted them too late before and they just turn to junk in hot weather, so I'm not even going to bother. 


This evening, I wrangled up most of the strawberry plants that were growing rogue along the edge of the patio and transplanted them into their designated potager box.  They had escaped a patio container a few summers ago and were attempting to take over our one acre lawn. 

Notice the partially filled strawberry box in far left.  Trellis in middle of that box is for nasturtiums.

In other news, our neighborhood Old-Guy-Next-Door told me today that he had a bear empty his bird feeders two nights ago.  EEK!  Hubby is terribly excited about it.  Me, just wondering if it's safe to build a compost bin or if the bear will think it's his own private salad bar...


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I'm behind in posting my seed starting progress.  On Wed, March 16th, about 8 weeks till last predicted frost, I started my pepper seeds.  I planted two cells of Jalapeno, two of green bell peppers and 5 of the colorful Carnival Mix bells.  I always plant 2-3 seeds per cell and then thin to the strongest survivor.  So they are all up and happy now: I was planning to start my tomato and broccoli seeds a week ago on Tues, March 29th (6 weeks till last frost) but didn't get around to it until Friday, April 1st.  Close enough.  Mother Nature's behind this spring too if you ask me.  It snowed last week, for pete's sake! Last night, I went down to water and check on things, and the Romanesco Broccoli seeds are already up!  That's got to be a broccoli land speed record, right?  Three days?  The package says they emerge in 10-21 days so I am feeling pretty dang good about my wicked horticultural skillz.  Here's a pic of my eager little broccoli seedlings:

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I haven't left my corner of the world past the mailbox in a week. I haven't blogged in, I don't know, years? Coronavirus is here. Our spring break turned into 'social distancing' instead of visiting Grandma and Grandpa.  Regardless of human anxiety and fear, spring has the guts to show up. Snow piles are almost melted, birds are chatty in the cottonwood tree and the rhubarb is peeking out of the ground near the chicken coop. Seeds have the audacity to grow. Do I?

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One evening this week, Monday, June 20th to be exact, my Hubby and I planted our new blueberry hedge around the two outside edges of the potager.  I ended up deciding on 'Northblue' plants since they looked nice at the nursery and Auntie Linda, who grows just a tiny ACRE of these blue beauties, gave her seal of approval to the performance of this northern-hardy variety.  Apparently they've only failed to produce once in twenty years for her, that's a pretty solid record in my book.  I don't really have it in the 'budget' to buy eleven #1 gallon blueberry plants, so Hubby and I declared them his Father's Day gift, pretty much making them a necessity.  That's how we roll. I wanted to act like a sober gardener and plant in straight rows for once, so I actually measured and marked the rows w/ paint before digging.  They are planted on center 4' away from the outside veggie boxes.  'Northblue' is supposed to get about 3' wide so theoreti