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Mpls Home & Garden Show Tour

Here are highlights from my favorite plant displays at the Minneapolis Home & Garden show 2012. 

Since I attended the show to work in the trade show booth with my employer, and while there got to tour the displays on his dime, I guess I feel the need to include a boring disclaimer:  I don't endorse any of these other businesses; but if their signs ended up in my pictures, so be it. Their displays were awesome!  You should definitely get in touch with me when you need landscaping though, just so we're clear : )   

Each garden had a movie theme; This one was 'Camelot'

The castle walls, built of Dwarf Alberta Spruce (note the every-other upside-down spruce to make solid walls of green) and crazy awesome weeping evergreens up top.

The view of the castle wall from the other end

Monkey Puzzle Tree - Don't get too crazy fellow Northerners, it's only Zone 6. Sigh.

Inside the castle walls was the Round Table, built around a cool tree (Knights aren't afraid of spideys dropping in their food, apparently)

I LOVE FUNKY EVERGREENS!!! (Do dah, do dah...)

Jousting tin-foil knights

Cool water feature providing sound, the privacy of a small wall, and no pond to maintain or fall into.  Just keep the basin under the rocks full of water so the pump keeps recirculating and doesn't evaporate dry.  My Hubby could totally build this! (Right??)

Who's that strange guy in my sweet new outdoor kitchen?  He'd better be grilling me a steak.

Another water feature - dry stack stone with water seeping through the cracks

Cute cabin from 'A River Runs Through It' themed garden.  Remember Brad Pitt in that movie?  (drool) Well forget about him, he's mine.  In fact we snuggle together in that rocker on the porch every evening talking about fishing and whatnot, so buzz off.

'Lord of the Rings' theme

Hobbit house

Hobbit Front Yard.  Cute fence, Hobbit.

Fairy neighborhood.  These little fairy houses are about a foot tall w/ marbles for front sidwalks and Maidenhair Ferns growing on the roof. 

Apple tree espaliers bordering a garden.  I feel another honey-do welding project coming on...

The Ritz of playhouses.  Can you see the pricetag?  If not, be thankful; you'd have a heart attack.

But here's why I love it - the adorable lemonade stand and mailbox.  I wish I were a carpenter.


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